Natalie began to knit as a little girl while visiting with her English grandmother, a beautiful woman who could make anything with just a couple of needles and some string from her purse. It was magical.

Having knitted for family and friends for years, Natalie has begun taking on a few commissions  and making some pieces available for sale through her online shop, Olive Manna.

She has also recently opened a local mini shop at The Bitterman in downtown Evansville, Indiana. There she also teaches knitting and crochet.

Her husband and three girls take up the rest of her time as a wife, mother, and homeschool guide. 

Giving Back

A portion of all sales are given back to God by helping Samaritan's Purse, Horizons International, and/or other missionaries caring for people around the world, through rebuilding, feeding and clothing, praying with and for, teaching and evangelism, and many other intangible services.

If you don't wish to purchase anything today but would like to contribute, I'll make sure your donation is forwarded. Payment is secure and personal information is completely private and will never be shared without your consent (you won't be contacted by these organizations).