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Saving & Reading Pinterest Articles

The beauty of Pinterest is in well-curated streams of beautiful imagery, but very often now there is a great article behind that lovely photo. To read it or save it takes a few more clicks than many of us are willing to invest time in, and you may be missing out on a lot of great reading simply because it's not easy to get to it. Let me give you a hand with that.

First, Get Pocket

Pocket came on the scene in 2007. It very simply allows you to save articles from various sources to read later. It also strips the page of unnecessary visuals like ads and sidebars, so you're left with a perfectly readable article.

Next, Set up IFTTT

IFTTT stands for "If this, then that" which is programming language for simple commands. It says "if this happens, then do this" and it's incredibly powerful. IFTTT is a product that uses this simple language to get your apps talking to each other.

We're going to use IFTTT to send articles from Pinterest to Pocket for you to read later.


I prefer to use the web browser for this, but you may find the app more handy. Either way will work. Once you get to know how to set up a recipe in IFTTT, come back here and do this...

  1. Create a new recipe
  2. Click this and then choose Pinterest
  3. Choose a trigger (when you like a pin, or when you pin to a specific board). Here you'll decide based on how you use Pinterest. I use the like trigger and just like the posts I want to read later. If you like a lot of things regularly that aren't articles, you may want to create a board just for articles and use that trigger.
  4. Finish setting up your trigger in STEP 3 and then click that.
  5. Now choose POCKET and click the box that says "Save for later"
  6. In this next step you can leave it as is, or add your own tags if you like.
  7. Click CREATE ACTION and you're done.

Now, go like something (or pin to your articles board), wait two seconds, and open Pocket.

I love this feature anytime I'm browsing before bed or in line at the grocery store. When I find something interesting I can file it away for later and not worry about it again.

This can also work for articles from Facebook, Twitter, all over the web. I use Pocket just about every day. If you want a little more, try using a recipe to file articles away to Evernote to save forever. I have it set up to take Pocket articles I've starred and send them to a folder in Evernote.

Have fun! And you're welcome to email me if you get stuck. I can't guarantee I can fix all your troubles, but I'm always glad to try.

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