For my personal facebook, to be facebook "friends", I reserve this for people I've met in person. If we're "internet friends" please go through the social media pages listed here. It's really not much different except fewer pictures of my kids and none of the local event information, which you probably don't want to see anyway. If we've met before and you feel comfortable with me, go on and look for me as @nataliejost.



At Natalie (Tech Tips)

Tech tips for everyday people who are way too cool for this stuff but want to know some geeky stuff. I talk about mostly Apple + Chromebook related things because this is what we use, and what I STRONGLY recommend for use with kids. Often, though, there are online apps that cross over to other devices, so like this page to get these tips in your Facebook feed.

Homeschool & Homemade

How we live and learn... a mix of posts about how I'm teaching my kids, as well as recipes, DIY, and personal stories about teaching and making. This is slightly more personal, more day-to-day for an audience of minimalist simply living people like us.